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For four decades, Reldom Corporation has been the premier supplier of money transportation and storage systems to the entire casino gaming industry.


Reldom utilizes 100% in house manufacturing for our entire product line which allows us to design and produce carts, cabinets and plastic products tailored to each casinos specifications and needs.

Our Goal

Is to provide great customer service with the best quality designs at the lowest price in the gaming industry.


Reldom Corporation both services and provides replacement parts for our entire product line. We also have service technicians who can diagnose and do repairs on any Reldom unit.


Our Sales staff works out of the Las Vegas office and is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and lowest prices on all of our carts, cabinets, powered equipment as well as plastic, and cage and count room products.


Prior to installation, our engineering department will design and lay out each room needing our equipment. We will then send our team of professional installers to set up all cabinets and install counter top as well as wall units in each designated area.

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